What is the best way to create mobile-friendly charts?

When creating charts intended primarily for viewing on mobile devices (tablets, phones), we recommend using the ZingChart mobile charts plugin. The plugin can be added to the web page(s) you want mobile charting enabled.

The mobile charts plugin comes with its own mobile charting defaults, including:

  • Mobile context menu that allows for image sharing and saving
  • Mobile crosshairs and zooming/scrolling on x/y-axis charts
  • Mobile indicator on pie and donut charts that users can tap and spin

The plugin also supports touch gestures such as tap, swipe, pinch, stretch, and drag, and is built on the ZingTouch gesture detection library. Try interacting with the below area chart on a mobile device.

Ready to create your own mobile charts? Refer to the Mobile Charts Tutorial for more information, or talk to the ZingChart team on chat (we're online Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Pacific time) or by email at support@zingchart.com.

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