Can I make a downloadable image of the chart that is still interactive?

So there are a few options for to satisfy this requirement.  When will be needed is a image map of your exported chart.  As of right now ZingChart does not include this out of the box (more not this in a moment).

You can leverage a 3rd party image map library like shown in this demo:

Additionally we are working on adding this to some of our sever-side implementations.  We have 3 server-side builds of ZingChart.  We have just recently implemented what you need in our Rhino.js build (this is commonly used in Java environments).  We also plan to add this to our Node.js build.  Keep in mind both of those builds require additional licensing above our standard license pricing (unless purchasing an Enterprise license).  Again, this can be handled on your end with a 3rd party like above.

Finally, we have a phantom.js build which is included with standard licensing prices.  We will add image maps to this build as well, it just might be down the line a bit.

Hopefully that helps.  

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