Can you format crosshair-x values independent of x-scale values?


We have a requirement to format crosshair-x text as "yyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" (node's key value) which is different than x-axis transform (date) format "yyyy-mm-dd". 

We are using "%kv" as the crosshair-x text value and "%Y-%m-%d" as the transform all value. Is there a way to format this "%kv" within crosshair-x so it shows time in addition to date? Basically, we want to format crosshair-x value independent of x-scale values.


Perhaps it would be best to format your date objects outside of ZingChart

I've written a function that handles all formatting, returning either an array of strings with just the date, or an array of strings with the date and the time. The date array is used as the values array in scale-x, while the date/time array is used in a custom token, which is then called by the plot-label object.

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